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How do I look after myself after my vasectomy?

Can I drive myself home after the procedure?

If possible arrange for a lift. You may feel physically able to, but you will have had an anaesthetic, and maybe a pre-operation sedative. These could impair your ability to react when driving.

What's the best way to look after myself after the procedure?

Take things easy for a day or so, and wear a supportive jockstrap as much as possible. Also Ice (especially in the first 24 hours) alleviates swelling to a great extent.

How long afterwards should I wear a jockstrap?

As long as it feels comfortable. This may be 24/7 for a few days, then during the day for as long as you feel it helps. Some men decide to wear tight fittings briefs, but most men report that a jock is much more comfortable, and provides much better support.

Can I do sports straight afterwards?

Very bad idea! You should take things easy for a few days, but tell your doctor what sports you do and take the advice.

What medicines can I take afterwards?

Take your doctor's advice on this, but generally most men take paracetamal based home remedies for a couple of days (if necessary). Aspirin based medications should not be used as they encourage bleeding. You should of course take your doctor or pharmacists advice.

How much time do I take off work?

We have had reports of men going out for a long lunch and returning to the office wearing the jockstrap and frozen peas under the desk! Most men usually take 1-2 days off work, but it does depend on what type of work you do. If it's a desk job going back to work early is possible, but if your job involves physical exertion then take your doctors advice.

How long will the bruising and swelling last?

Some men report little or no swelling and bruising, but for most the bruising gets worse for a few days and disappears by the end of the second week, and the swelling goes down after a few days.

How soon after the procedure can I have sex?

The majority of Doctors will say that you can resume normal activity as soon as you feel comfortable. Most of us check to see if things still work sometime in the first week after the procedure.

How quickly does it become effective?

Vasectomy is not effective until the system is cleared of sperm, this is usually 2-3 months, maybe longer. You are not sterile until the doctor says so having analysed semen samples. Therefore other means of birth control have to be used until you are declared sterile by the doctor.

How can I be sure I'm still sterile?

This question is frequently asked - it is something that worries some people. If so, then ask your GP for a test. He might be a bit surprised, as they don't often get asked, but usually agree to set your mind at rest. Most men find that any anxiety they had disappears as soon as their wife/partner has their first period after unprotected sex.

How do they do sperm tests?

The post vasectomy test is simply to see if there are any sperm (live or dead) by examination under a microscope. With infertility, the test is different. A count is made of how many sperm are present in a sample and the quality of the sperm. This process is done in a laboratory and is much more scientific than the process used for post-vasectomy semen analysis.

When I got told I was now sterile, I felt sad - how usual is this reaction?

Fairly common, but usually it's only very temporary. It usually is just a momentary pang that disappears after the celebratory first un-protected sex! The average ejaculate is 5cc, of which 3% approx. (0.15cc) is sperm. This may not sound a lot, but it *does* mean a lot to us guys! No matter how sure you are about not having any/more children, this reaction can hit you when faced with the finality of being told "No more fertility". We have also heard of men who experience a sense of loss or change immediately after the vasectomy. Sometimes this feeling can last a while, but in the main will gradually fade as you become used to being sterile.

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