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Vasectomy Information

The website of alt.support.vasectomy. The internet's biggest, most comprehensive vasectomy site. This FAQ site is just part of the information available. There are the stories of men who have undergone the procedure, a lot of medical information and interesting features.

Ask The Doctor

This is a section of the website above where you can ask one of the top specialists a question on vasectomy, vasectomy reversal or infertility. Quite a large selection of interesting questions on site.

Wiki vasectomy

Usenet newsgroup. You can read posts via the link on the left, but to post you will need to sign on with Google Groups. Can also be read and posted to using an email program such as Outlook Express via your ISP's news server.

Yahoo vasectomy group

This group only has occasional postings to it. You will need to sign on with Yahoo to read and post to it.

Yahoo Vasclip group

New Yahoo group that discusses the Vasclip procedure. A above, you will need to sign on with Yahoo to read and post to it.

Canadian post vasectomy pain association

Canadian pvp association website. Discusses the condition know as post vasectomy pain syndrome (PVP)


Men's Health - Male Health articles and resources.

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